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suppy scarlet fanfiction

Suppy Scarlet fanfic from TL

It’s a cold winter night at UC Berkley while cold outside tonight UC Berkey is as hot as fire with Suppy and Scarlett practicing Starcraft together as Scarlett’s flights are cancelled they’re staying together…

*Scarlett and Suppy practicing ZvZ the sound of there APM rings throughout the empty hall as everyone sleeps*

click clack click clack clickity clack

Suppy has chosen to open with a 10 pool this match, with a grin on his face he realizes Scarlett has gone with a 15 hatchery. For moments, which seem like an eternity to Suppy the Zerglings begin to pounce on the pulsating Hatchery being created for some odd reason Suppy is beginning to feel a rush of adrenaline as more and more zerglings spawn rallying across the map to Scarletts base. 

Scarlett nervously throws down her 14 pool filled with excitement as her natural base is being overwhelmed by Suppy’s aggressive opener.

Scarlett cancels the hatchery and makes lings of her own throwing down a spine crawler in between her mineral line. Suppy smiles knowing he’s in an adventitious position. Zerglings stream through the ramp leading into Scarletts main base, the ramp so tight the Zerglings can’t all go through at once.

Suppy without hesitation goes for the mineral line, only to see a Queen a spine crawler and Scarlett with her own Zerglings… Suppy knows he has to win now or he will be to far behind with the all-in he has chosen. Suppy goes for the attack only to miserably fail. 

Suppy yells at himself, “Damnit! Why do I always lose to her?…” Soon after Suppy hears footsteps coming from behind, it could only be one person. Scarlett can notice Suppys frustration, sweat dripping down his neck, and his face blood red. 

Scarlett breaks the silence, “Suppy… You played well, you should be proud it was a close game!” Suppy replies, “Scarlett… I just want to beat you, to impress you to show you my true skill… I’m sorry for being angry.”

Scarlett standing behind Suppy begins to rub Suppy’s shoulders to help him relax while saying “You don’t need to impress me, I know how great you are already…” Supplys face becomes beet red and cannot contain himself any longer. Suppy stands up face to face with Scarlett both of them feeling the burning passion spewing throughout the room. 


Scarlett goes in for the kiss, Suppy without resistance accepts it. Scarletts tongue going in and out of Suppy’s mouth they cannot stop at this point.

The two progamers have been at it for well over two minutes now, there lips finally part from one another. Both of their faces flushed they go into Suppy’s bedroom. Scarlett tells Suppy “I’ve really enjoyed our time together these past few days… I’m really thankful for you letting me stay here… This will be my way to thank you and express my love.”

Scarlett removes her clothes revealing her beautiful breasts and body to Suppy. Suppy follows suite the two of them gaze at each other for a moment. Taken away from the beauty of one another and how fast it’s all beginning to happen. The two of them begin to kiss one another once again, Scarlett falls onto Suppy’s bed as Suppy lays on top her. Skin to skin, sweat mixing into one another the air in the room smelling of blossoms. 

Scarlett stops Suppy “Suppy… I’m not ready for this yet… You have to eat out before desert of course ” Suppy nods his head in full agreement and begins to clear Scarlett’s creep.

Scarlett begins to scream in joy, Suppy smothered by Scarlett’s angelic lady parts.

Suppy moves his head up fearful saying “Scarlett… We have to be more silent the other dorms might her us…” Scarlett giggles saying “Sorry suppy!” Scarlett stuffs her head into a pillow as Suppy unrelentingly manages Scarlett’s creep.

Scarlett moaning during all of this being muffled by the pillow begins to yell “AHHHH! No more I’m going to c-” Suppy interrupts her, “It’s fine” Scarlett screams louder in pleasure as she is relieved. 

"Now I’m ready for you Suppy… We can practice your aggressive builds again!"

Scarlett bends over on the bed preparing for the aggression. Suppy firmly plants his hands on Scarletts thighs and says “Here I come Scarlett!” Suppy known as a high APM player enters Scarletts main as fast as light, with no signs of stopping. Scarlett screaming, tears coming out of her eyes yells, “I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT THE TWO OF US, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” 

Scarlett’s womanhood is quivering as Suppy penetrates her over and over again. Suppy the same, his head beginning to turn blue from the great feels.

*Ten minutes later*

The two progamers are still at it, Scarlett tells suppy “N-n-n-ow aaaaahhhh! I want yo-y-you to execute your baneling bustaaaahhhhh!”

Suppy panting removes himself from Scarlett’s womanhood and busts scarletts ramp to the main. 

Both progamers are now panting, and tired. The practice session of over thirty minutes over both are ready to sleep. Until next time the two pros great experience is over.

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